Sunday, July 25, 2010

corn tortillas :)

I recently learned how to make corn tortillas thanks to a friend (thank you!).  Central Americans eat tortillas like Bolivians eat potatoes and is eaten everyday!  Making them is fun and they taste sooooo much better than the store bought ones :)  If you invest some time in making these delicious tortillas, your meal will turn out to be extra scrumptious.  You can pair tortillas with any legume....we used lentils and some veggies.

Corn Tortillas:
You will need: Maseca flour, water, a plastic bag, and a rolling pin
 In a bowl, mix the flour with a bit of water at a time, incorporating the water into the flour.  The mixture should not get too moist that it sticks to your hands.  Have a bowl of water so that you can add more as you form your tortilla as you make them, because they can dry out.  Cut the sides of a ziploc bag and make a ball of dough.

press down on the ball with your palms
place dough in between the plastic bag

flatten the tortilla with a rolling pin
use your 2 index fingers to press on the sides to make a smooth round tortilla

place the tortillas on a slightly oiled griddle until they are a bit toasted

Make sure to wrap the tortillas so that they stay warm!
You can serve with anything you like! Here's what I did....I cooked some lentils and cut up some veggies and placed it in the tortilla.  It was yummy, especially with warm tortillas.

presentation is everything ;)

♥ faby


  1. You are very creative with your dishes :) Keep up the great work.

  2. Lovely :) I have never made corn tortillas. I can't wait to try your recipe!

  3. I look forward to trying, what a great post and I loved the colorful pictures!!

  4. thank you very much you guys! your comments are sweet :)

    definitely try it! their taste doesn't compare to store-bought tortillas!

  5. Hi Faby! I have made these before, and homemade is so good! What a beautiful diner!