Tuesday, June 29, 2010

veggie juice!! mmmmmmmm!!!!!!

     So here is a crazy idea.....how about drinking veggie juice in the morning instead of coffee!!!!  There are so many people that depend on coffee so very much that they have to drink it everyday.  Now....if I have made it through grad school so far without coffee.....ANYONE can make it through their day without drinking that very un-healthy beverage!  Instead, consider having fresh veggie juice in the morning a couple times a week.  It is absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can throw in any veggie you like...just make sure to juice some super awesome dark green veggies (like kale, for example) and some carrots and/or an apple for great flavor! 
     Coffee is soooooo harmful for you...especially because of all the caffeine it contains.  Caffeine has many negative effects on your health because it causes stress on your heart, nervous system and your immune system.  In addition, it is highly acidic and it can irritate your intestines.  Decaffeinated coffee is far worse since it causes even more acid build-up, which is very damaging to your intestines.  On the other hand, veggie juice is raw....and there are so many nutrients in it that will make your cells happy :)  meaning...your cells will be nourished and the energy that comes from nourished cells is completely different than the energy that you get from caffeine (which will later make you feel tired after that boost of unnatural energy).  There are only positive effects with fresh veggie juice!!  To make this amazing veggie drink, all you need is a juicer.  

Veggie Juice:


I used:

bok choy
an apple
small beet
red cabbage

There goes some carrot juice!

Some yummy green juice!!
 There's that beet! 

With a juicer, throw in veggies of your choice, and don't forget to juice some carrots and/or an apple!  Make sure to use a strainer and mix the juice well so that all of the juices are combined.  The juice turned out to be "reddish" and that was because of the beet...otherwise it would have been green!

On the other side of the juicer is a bin that collects the veggie remains.  Here is what it looks like:


Don't throw this away!!  You can use it to make croquettes :)  I will be sharing this recipe with you soon.
This juice is delicioso!! Try it! I dare you :)

♥ faby



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  2. Gracias mamita! Eres una dulsura!! Yo estoy muy alegre de cocinar y aprender mucho de la comida saludable :) TQM!